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Household Hazards



Not being aware of the danger doesn't mean it's not there. Learn about carbon monoxide, hantavirus, lead, radon, asbestos, meth, mold, and household hazardous chemicals. If it could be there in your home, it's probably there on our page

Mice, bats, snakes & slimies



Oh my! We have information you'll need about ants, birds, rats and raccoons, Basically if it's in your home, and if it's dirty, and it's not one of your kids, we can help you solve the problem. 




Sometimes conservation efforts seem like we're not doing the right thing. Learn how to conserve water, electricity and gas like a pro, all while doing it the easy way. 

Outside ouchies


 What's not in your home can make your home miserable - or dangerous. Do you know what to look for in your attic? What do you need to know about your sprinklers or septic system? Can your trees affect your house or your safety?  

Inside story


Just because you're inside your home doesn't mean you're safe. Learn how to protect your family from carbon monoxide, fire, electricity, flooding, burglars and a variety of other nasty situations you don't want to encounter.