Finding a great home inspector is like the needle in the haystack. It can be difficult to know which is which, but some inspectors are gurus whose focus is to help you protect your family safe. These are the inspectors who we allow to carry our flag.

Home medic inspectors are different


You're welcome to join us

 Most inspectors do it one way. They show up alone, go through the home alone, then give you a quick summary. Not much time for Q&A.


Or - you could go with a Home Medic inspector. You show up when they do. You go through with them. Helpful tips? check. Mountains and molehills identified and discussed? Check. How to avoid disaster? Check. Your questions answered? Of course. 

Our inspectors protect families

Become a Home Medic Inspector

We take the best individuals and make them the best inspectors - not the other way around. If you love people, communicate well, and feel the need to serve and protect families, we'd love to hear from you! Scroll down for more information. 


Why hire a home medic home inspector

Online Reviews

 For a homeowner, finding home inspectors who are service can be impossible. Every inspector says he's good. Anyone can complete a training.

So we enlist you. If your inspector is not good enough for you, he's not good enough for us. Online reviews are huge - we invite and allow only the best to carry our flag.

Technical Strength

 There is no state certification for home inspectors. Anyone can tell you they're a home inspector. 


Home Medic inspectors are independently certified; then they become Home Medic certified. After that they are certified through in-field training. Finally, we all sharpen and share their skills with other Home Medic inspectors. We protect families - it's a great way of life. 


Let's face it: being stood up sucks. Not knowing when your inspection is going to start sucks more. Would you rather know that your inspection starts at 2:00, or hear that he will be there sometime between noon and 4:00 pm? 

We believe that if the inspector isn't 10 minutes early, he's late. It's just what we do.

Up Sells and Add ons

Some quote a low, low price on the phone, then stack on up-sells at the house. Termites? Radon? Lead? Mold? Meth? Sprinklers? Air purifier? How about a warranty with that? 


We believe that if you're in business to stay, the goal is not to max out fees  - it's creating passionate clients. People who refer all of their friends to you, and they wouldn't let their friends use anyone else. 

We have one client - you

 We hold your trust as a sacred honor. We're not going to use your trust as an opportunity to sell you something else.


It's pretty simple - we do the inspection for you that we would do if you were our brother or sister. Treating people that way just feels good, and we've found it's also good for business. We like both.

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Want to be a Home Medic Inspector?

 I'd like to look into being an inspector. The time freedom, opportunity to make a difference, and income potential sounds great!