More than just a career

The decision to buy a home is one of the most important decisions of a person’s life, and the inspector is right in the center of that moment. Few other professions have the opportunity to provide such important and direct service. This is why Home Medic inspectors approach this role with reverence and gratitude, and with a passion to protect and prepare the family.

To carry the Home Medic flag, the Home Medic inspector must meet certain minimum requirements. These include personal integrity, a passion for service and professionalism. The inspector customizes the inspection to the unique needs of each client, and maintains a caring and professional manner. 

Our Purpose

  Our purpose is to elevate and protect families. We do so by 

  • Providing a beacon of knowledge to home buyers
  • Helping them to avoid safety issues and costly repairs
  •  Raising the standard of integrity for home inspection services
  • Making vital information more available to all, and 
  • Raising the bar among all real estate professionals. 

Our Mission

To provide lifesaving and life improving knowledge to families. This includes delivering the most personal, most integrous and most capable service available. 

Inspector Rank Description, Tasks & Rights, and Benefits

Introduction to Home Medic Network (pdf)


Home Medic inspectors can have time freedom with a comfortable income. They also have daily opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. If you're a people oriented person and this appeals to you, check us out! We look forward to hearing from you.