personal greatness

 At the Home Medic, we believe in greatness. 

We believe that greatness isn't about money - there are a lot of people who are rich who aren't great individuals. It's not about fame - for the same reason. Politicians? Drummers? Actors? That's not what greatness is. Greatness is not a job description or a title -  there are people with impressive titles who are not great people.

We believe that greatness is about what you do every day to help people. To lift, serve and empower.  We believe that greatness is not about what you have, but about what you give. If you agree, we'd love to have you join us.  

Are you spectacular?

 We look for more than just knowledge, more than experience, more than the great car, and more than well carved closing lines. Frankly, we'd give all of that up just to find someone who wants to serve their clients. If that's you, we invite you to join us. 

more about being a home medic endorsed realtor


Ethics and service

All Home Medic endorsed agents must follow the Home Medic Code of Ethics, in addition to the REALTOR code of ethics. That said, no code or document can outline clearly what outstanding customer looks like. On the other hand, the clients know when they get it. It's fairly simple from our viewpoint - if we send someone to you, we want them taken care of really well. What you do reflects on us, so we work only with the best. 

Technical Knowledge

Endorsed agents must complete at least nine hours of coursework at - our content has materials and knowledge you don't find in other places, and we need to know that you're up to speed.

It's about families

Endorsed agents place people over paycheck. Endorsed agents would rather not make a sale than allow a sale that they know is wrong. The endorsed agent knows that it's not about getting a single sale done; it's about protecting, serving, and gaining clients for life. We believe that only then will those clients refer that realtor to their friends and family, and provide positive online reviews.  

The proof is in the pudding

Online reviews are extremely important. Thrilled clients leave excellent reviews - and if an endorsed agent is focused more on getting an great review than on getting a paycheck, it is evident to everyone. We rely heavily on reviews, and allow only those who do business that way to represent the Home Medic. 


Frankly, you pay us nothing. If you are accepted, we may send you clients and ask for a referral fee. We'll ask you to get trained on our site - and that costs only a few bucks. We ask you to take care of our clients, and we ask you to try out our endorsed home inspectors. We may also invite you to join our tele-conferences so you can do a more spectacular job. Other than that? Not much. Our motivations are not about maximizing money - they're about improving lives. 


Benefits of being a Home Medic endorsed agent? More business from us, more business from your own circles. The confidence and satisfaction of knowing you have done the best you can for others, and are making the most of yourself. Opportunities for personal growth? Yes. And a chance to find your own personal greatness? That's what we're here for.

 It's not about real estate, we are light houses.