Safe families are happier

Safe families are happier

Safe families are happierSafe families are happierSafe families are happier

We are home inspectors,  real estate agents and homeowners who have one common goal: protecting your family. 



Sometimes you dream of the perfect house, sometimes it's about making your home right for you. 

We can help you find or create the home that's right for your family. We can help you protect those you hold most dear. 



There are agents, and there are those who are all about serving your family. 

The Home Medic group of REALTORS is committed to placing your needs first. It's a good way to do business, and a good way to live.

Home Inspectors


Some home inspectors don't want you at your home while they inspect. Our question is this: why would they do that? It's not good for anyone.

 If you want to be the inspector that clients rave about, join us! If you want to find that guy, you found us!